Many people are conflicted when it comes to fitting exercise into a busy schedule and the struggle is real. Competing priorities in a very busy, although sedentary, lifestyle reveal obstacles to exercise that are as familiar as the benefits.


The good news is that you don’t have to be perfect. But you have to be focused and you have to be consistent. The challenges we face are well known, but your fitness solution is unique.

Maybe you are…

  • Having trouble getting motivated to exercise?
  • Tired of working out and not getting results?
  • Super pressed for time and want to get the best return on your investment?
  • Able to stay on track, but you want to make sure it’s the right track?
  • Active in sports but you know you could perform better and avoid injury if you had a solid foundation of fitness?
  • Returning to the gym after a layoff and not sure where to start?
  • Not in the market for a personal trainer, but could use some fresh ideas because your routine is getting a little too…routine.

You may be stuck in a rut, getting back in the game or totally new to exercise. Live Better Fitness offers plans to fit any schedule and budget. Fitness is not about me and my program. It is about you and your results. That’s why every aspect of the program will be customized to your unique needs.

Live Better Fitness Services

Sporty girl doing weight exercises with assistance of personal trainer.Personal TrainingTake the guesswork out of working out. With one-on-one personal training all you need to do is show up. Cost: $150/hr for single sessions. $135/hr for regular weekly appointments. Includes all programming needs (i.e. Daily Stretching program, Travel Fit program, help with injury  prevention, stress reduction, healthy eating, etc.) and unlimited follow up.

“Rachel is a terrific trainer. I had a long-term shoulder problem, and after working with Rachel I didn’t. She increased my flexibility, my strength, and my pain passed. She works you hard, purposely and effectively.” 


Instructor Taking Exercise Class At GymSmall Group Training Between 2 and 5 friends workout together. You provide the space and share the cost. Training is individually programmed and group supervised. Individual attention will be given during the session as needed. Cost: $150/hr divided as your group sees fit. Take home program materials may be provided at an additional fee.

Fitness Coaching – More affordable than personal training and more motivating than working out alone.


Fitness coaching combines training and instruction to meet your needs and is best for people who are self-motivated but want the expertise of a professional to keep the routine fresh, stay on track and see continued results. Meet once a month to learn new exercises and get a detailed program to follow on your own.

All plans include customized workouts, exercise tracking tools, ongoing support, final progress report and 30 days of email follow up from the date of the last coaching session. Cost: $150/hr for a single coaching session and 30-day fitness plan.

“I have been a fitness enthusiast for many years. Like most men, my workouts focused mainly on my upper body thinking that cardio would take care of lower half. Rachel got me to rethink my workouts and add leg training to my routine. It was amazing! My body fat went down and my upper body strength increased. Rachel’s advice enhanced my routine and revitalized my workouts.” 


Business Team Training Listening Meeting Concept

Live Better Fitness @ Work – Bring fitness to the office because people work better when they feel better. Presentation topics include: Your Fitness Startup, Mind-Body-Breathe-Stretch, 2-Minute Recharge, Easy Exercise to Ease Tension, Healthy Eating Hacks, Weight Loss Without Regain, etc. Cost: $250/hr. Includes all materials and 30-days of follow up by email or online for all attendees (up to 20 people).

Fitness Q&A – Informational session for you and your friends, fitness buddies, organization or group. Cost: $175/hr. Includes 30-days of follow up by email or online for all participants (up to 15 people).

gift of fitnessGift of Fitness“The best exercise is reaching down and lifting someone up.” If you know someone who would benefit from fitness training or coaching, consider the gift of fitness. Request a gift certificate and make no payment until your friend is ready to schedule an appointment. If you are someone who is interested in Live Better Fitness services but with limited resources, you can apply for a reduced rate. Tell us what you expect to gain from this special offer and why you are a candidate. Email:


DIY Fitness – Be an educated fitness consumer and train yourself.  In addition to your favorite fitness resources, check out the $1 Live Better Fitness eBooks, blog, and Fitness Education pages. Need more help? Email and look for your submission to be posted and answered on Facebook and Twitter.


Senior Fitness Classes – These free classes for adults 60+ are currently offered at local senior centers. A typical class includes functional strength, balance and flexibility exercises for improved daily living. A hallmark of Rachel’s classes is the individual attention she gives to each participant. There is limited availability for new classes at Manhattan locations. Visit Project FIND to learn more. Email for schedule information.

“I would like to acknowledge in writing the tremendous help you have given to my mother. The benefits of your exercise class have made a vast difference in her life.”

– Katharine

Free Consultation – Any new client may request a free consultation. This session may be in person, by phone or online and will last about 30 minutes. The purpose is to clarify your needs and goals and understand how Live Better Fitness services can help you.

Free Workout ReviewShow me your workout and I’ll show you how to make it better. Get tips on: effective exercise selection to match your fitness level and goals, proper exercise technique and form, how to choose the right intensity and monitor your effort, and more.

“Rachel has that great combination of incredible expertise and quality as a human being. In the five years I’ve trained with her I’ve never been bored and I’ve never been sorry to see her arrive in the morning (twice a week). With Rachel, training doesn’t end at the gym door. She emails often and responds instantly to email with assistance or friendly advice – including last week when she talked me off a ledge from eating the wrong food. Anyone who hires Rachel is getting an expert and a loyal friend for life.”



What have you got to lose…?

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