Fitness is my passion and my profession.

Rachel in use 2017My name is Rachel and my fitness journey began in high school. At home I followed Jane Fonda’s workout video. At school I signed up for a gym class to learn how to lift weights. I also joined the neighborhood health club to take aerobics classes.

Since then I’ve explored many fitness topics from a variety of perspectives. I’ve been a student of fitness and I’ve been the teacher. I’ve been a gym member and I’ve been the manager. I’ve been trained and I’ve been the trainer.

Throughout my 25-year career, one constant has been the power of the fitness myth. Many fitness myths have shown resistance to debunking that would make bacteria jealous. Consumers are faced with a constantly changing barrage of fitness trends, recommendations, and those infamous “scientific breakthroughs,” but the distinction between reliable and unreliable information remains a mystery instead of a priority.

Your fitness results depend on the choices you make every day – from your annual resolutions to how you spend your precious exercise time. Those decisions are only as good as the information you consider. I’ve written several eBooks to help you navigate your own fitness journey: The Fitness Paradox (i.e. the problem) and Fitness Education for Consumers (i.e. the solution). 



About The Trainer

IMG_0025Rachel is a freelance trainer and instructor based in New York City. She has a master’s degree in Exercise Science and maintains several certifications.

Rachel’s clients are busy professionals and retirees who say she is professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. They value her dedication and creativity, as much as her honesty and sincerity.

Rachel enjoys cardio and weight training in the gym as well as daily walking and a stretching.