Wellness is a Team Sport

Wellness programs have been part of some business models for decades and the trend has grown to the level where 85% of large companies offer wellness programs to their employees, according to a 2017 survey from Kaiser. The corporate wellness industry that provides wellness programs to companies of all sizes has increased annual revenue to … Continue reading Wellness is a Team Sport

The Principle of Overload

Most of what we read and hear about fitness comes from advertising. If this is all you see, you may think the rules of fitness and exercise are very simple. Just choose a body part and work it out.  Find the "best exercise" and do it for 60 or 20 or 7 or 4 minutes. "Just … Continue reading The Principle of Overload

Think Before You Leap

According to the decision quality paradigm, applying your initial motivation to the process of achieving your goal is more effective than just doing it. The well-known Nike slogan is great when you're gearing up for a daily workout, but it doesn’t lead to sustained motivation needed for real fitness and weight loss changes.