What’s Better Than Following Fitness Trends?

Keeping up with fitness trends is great if you want to know how businesses are marketing their products and services and what people are buying. But it won’t make you an educated fitness consumer.

The menu of fitness offerings at your local gym or from your favorite app likely misses the mark when it comes to the facts of fitness. Fitness menus rely on buzzwords and fail to provide the information you need to make smart fitness decisions.

The Buzzwords:

Muscle Toning

Fat Burning

Body Sculpting

Effortless Exercise

Killer Workouts

Rapid Weight Loss

Spot Reduction

Buzzwords are the root cause of misinformation about fitness, exercise, diet and weight loss. Check out my post “Do Fitness Words Matter?” to learn why.

Fitness education is the solution to all of the “fake news” in fitness. I believe it is the answer to a wide range of fitness frustrations.

For over 20 years I’ve been teaching and training people in fitness classes and one-on-one sessions. In 2015 I wrote two eBooks to launch my fitness education theme. Key Terms were posted in The Chalkboard Series (aka: “Key Terms of Fitness”) and the Fitness Education pages on Live Better Fitness.

Fitness Education Topics:

Physical Fitness – learn more

Muscular Fitness – learn more

Flexibility – learn more

Cardiovascular endurancelearn more

Body Compositionlearn more

With the meaning of Key Terms established, it’s time to introduce the Golden Rules of Fitness. This upcoming series explains the scientific principles of fitness programming in language that is easy to understand and easy to use.

Golden Rules Whiteboard.jpg

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