How Not To Exercise: 13 Fitness Pitfalls To Avoid

Getting results from an exercise program may be one of the most elusive challenges you will ever face. Failure to achieve the results you want can be frustrating, but also surprisingly predictable. Some of the most common problems and pitfalls can thwart even the most highly motivated and intelligent people.

Make the most of your exercise time and effort:

  1. Don’t make excuses. DO make exercise a priority.

  2. Don’t set unrealistic goals. DO set goals that are measurable and within reach.

  3. Don’t let advertisements be your primary source of information. DO follow the advice of knowledgable professionals and reliable resources.

  4. Don’t expect to see dramatic results quickly. DO focus on your daily goals.

  5. Don’t waste time, effort and money on your quest for the best exercise. DO vary your workout.

  6. Don’t think you are immune to plateaus and setbacks. DO plan for hard times.

  7. Don’t blindly adopt someone else’s routine. DO tailor your program to your abilities, interests and goals.

  8. Don’t do too much too soon. DO balance exercise with rest and recovery.

  9. Don’t neglect form and technique. DO spend time learning how to perform each exercise correctly.

  10. Don’t get too comfortable in your routine. DO challenge yourself to make gradual progress over time.

  11. Don’t forget about “the other 23 hours”. DO make lifestyle choices that support your hard work.

  12. Don’t focus solely on what you want to change. DO recognize your accomplishments.

  13. Don’t compare yourself to everyone else. DO respect yourself and your unique qualities.


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