The Fat Burning Myth

Fat burning is the new spot reducing.  Consumers once flocked to exercise products and classes promising fat loss from one trouble area or another.  Today most people know you can’t lose fat from a body part simply by targeting that body part with exercise – even if you ‘feel the burn’.

With the myth of spot reduction losing ground, the fitness industry has added fat burning as their go-to buzzword.  Popular cardio machines have fat burning workouts that identify the lower half of your target heart rate zone as the fat burning zone even though the claim is unproven.

The myth in fat burning is that you have to burn fat to lose fat. What matters is the total calories you burn, not the type of calories you burn.

It may be counterintuitive, but there is no connection between using fat as an energy source and losing fat from your body.  Even if this were true, you could burn more fat in your cardio zone than in the supposed fat burning zone simply because more calories are burned at a higher intensity.

The most important aspect of weight loss is managing total calorie intake and output.  There are ways to boost your metabolism (by eating small frequent meals, increasing total body muscle mass, varying your exercise routine) but prioritizing low intensity exercise is not one of them.

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