The Truth About Fat, Fat Burning & Fat Loss

If there’s one area of fitness where a few definitions and facts can change your life, weight loss is it. Everyone knows the buzzwords and popular phrases but what you don’t know about fat may be hurting your chances of losing weight.

Fitness ads are extremely effective in generating sales, but they are a terrible source of fitness information. Basic facts are either misrepresented or conspicuously omitted. Typical diet and exercise ads contain technical sounding jargon and common sense reasoning, but they are directed at your heart rather than your mind.

You hear about ‘stubborn belly fat‘, ‘unsightly body fat’ and ‘fat burning’ workouts. These phrases inspire emotional reactions such as frustration, fear and hope, but they are more than a little misleading. One glance at the (carefully hidden) disclaimer in a given ad tells you everything you need to know. For every false claim in fitness advertising there is an equal and opposite disclaimer: “Results are not typical.” “Your results may vary.”

Understanding some facts about fat will help you make informed choices about food and exercise rather than feeding your disappointment and struggle with fat. These simple definitions can help you avoid common pitfalls.

Body Fat: The storage form of calories consumed as food and drink that are not expended through activity and metabolism.

Fat Burning: The myth that you have to burn fat to lose fat. The total calories burned is extremely important, but the type of calories doesn’t matter. (Carbohydrates are actually the main energy source for exercise.)

Fat Loss: Weight loss that emphasizes losing fat but not muscle or water weight. Fat loss results in positive changes in body composition even if total weight loss is relatively small.

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