Consumers are faced with a constantly changing barrage of fitness trends, exercise guidelines, viral videos and fake news, but the distinction between reliable and unreliable information remains a mystery instead of a priority. This is a problem because your fitness results depend on the choices you make every day – from your annual resolutions to how you spend your precious exercise time. Those decisions are only as good as the information you consider.

My fitness journey began in high school, led me to graduate school, and then a career that has spanned more than 25 years. I’ve explored many fitness topics from a variety of perspectives. I’ve been a student of fitness and I’ve been the teacher. I’ve been a gym member and I’ve been the manager. I’ve been trained and I’ve been the trainer. My goal is to “Raise the Bar” of fitness knowledge, and fitness. The Fitness Paradox series includes fact-based e-books written to help educated consumers navigate the fitness market.

The Fitness Paradox series:

  1. The Fitness Paradox (i.e. the problem)
  2. Fitness Education for Consumers (i.e. the solution)

BOOK 1 COVER             BOOK 2 COVER


“I would like to acknowledge in writing the tremendous help you have given to my mother. The benefits of your exercise class have made a vast difference in her life.”


“Rachel is personable, extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and was incredibly helpful in getting me motivated and in working towards my fitness goals. She was creative in designing an exercise program tailored to my needs and keeping it varied over time. She knows a great deal about her field and last but not least the hour flew by because of her personality. I highly recommend her.”


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